VMware Converter: “The operation experienced a network error”

Last week I encountered some issues with converting a Hyper-V 2008 R2 virtual machine to VMware vSphere 5.5 using VMware Converter 6.0.

Before attempting the conversion I first disabled SSL encryption within VMware Converter (kb.vmware.com/kb/2020517) to help improve the conversion speed. I then proceeded to configure VMware Converter using the default settings for the source and destination VMs.

The converter process started OK however at 33% completion the job had failed with the following error: “An error occurred during the conversion: ‘The operation experienced a network error’“.

At this point I had also noticed that my destination ESXi host had also disconnected from vCenter. After a few minutes the host began to respond and I had noticed it too had an error, “/sbin/hostd crashed (1 time(s) so far) and a core file might been create at /var/core/hostd-worker-zdump.000. This might have caused connections to the host to be dropped.

A quick search of the VMware Knowledgebase did not reveal a solution however I did find an article to assist in troubleshooting issues with VMware Converter (kb.vmware.com/kb/1004588).

I isolated the conversion job to a single standalone VMware ESXi destination host (rather than vCenter), however I continued to experience the same issue.

I exported the logs for both the ESXi host and VMware converter, neither were very forthcoming with identifying the issue. This was the best I could get from the VMware Converter logs


After a quick check, I noticed that the source VM had two virtual disks, with multiple partitions on the second virtual disk.

Source VM

Since I was using the default settings, VMware Converter was also attempting to create the destination VM with the same two virtual disks.

Conversion 1

Using VMware Converter I reconfigured the destination VM to split the source partitions into multiple virtual disks. From the Data copy type drop-down box, click ‘Select volumes to copy‘ and then click ‘Advanced…

Conversion 2

Add a new virtual disk for each volume partition. Click ‘Add Disk‘.

Conversion 3

Select each partition and move up or down to associate with the new virtual disks you have added. Continue to configure the converter job as required.

Conversion 4


After reconfiguring the virtual disks on the destination VM the conversion completed without an issue.

success baby meme

Finally, a quick shout-out to my work colleague Andy Ramsay for his assistance with resolving this issue.

Update (24/09/2015) – I discovered that Brian Graf has produced an automated script to disable SSL encryption within VMware Converter. Be sure to check out his blog post here to download the script.

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